Bulk pack of Reusable collapsible straws- 30 pack

Bulk pack of Reusable collapsible straws- 30 pack

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A bulk pack of reusable metal straws that folds down into carry case with cleaner. Our straws are the highest of quality and can be used for many years. Each straw comes with its own case and cleaner. *Express Shipping must be paid for bulk purchases* 

Body: Stainless steel 

Tubing: Food-grade silicone 

Case: 100% recycled ABS 

Cleaner: Cable stainless steel and food-grade silicone 


Did you know that the average Australian person used 1.3 plastic straws per day? Each straw takes about 300 years to break down and eventually ends up as microplastics in the ocean. 

Did you know that humans consume the equivalent of a credit card worth of plastic every week? Thats 13 grams per week. Start to make a difference and buy a reusable metal straw today. 

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